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Classic psoriasis is a straight-forward diagnosis, especially if there is a family history of this condition. Some forms of psoriasis maybe more difficult to diagnose, this includes forms of scalp psoriasis, hand and foot rashes, nail changes or unusual skin rashes. In this case, the experts at The Psoriasis Institute can assist in the diagnosis and treatment of your condition. We can usually diagnose most skin conditions, including psoriasis by a skin examination. In unusual cases we may perform a skin biopsy and arrange allergy testing to confirm or exclude our findings.

We work closely with specialists at Westside Dermatology to diagnose and manage non-psoriasis skin conditions.

This Institute comprises Australia’s leading experts on psoriasis, including specialist nurse practitioners, Specialist Dermatologists, University Researchers, Rheumatologists, Cardiologists, dieticians, and allied staff. Our staff work as a tightly grouped team to address all factors and triggers for your psoriasis.

Put simply, The Psoriasis Institute will diagnose your condition, address your triggers and provide a suitable avenue to get your psoriasis treated as quickly as possible. This may involve dietary and nutritional changes, prescription creams, light therapy or even high-end biologic treatments.

No referral is needed to gain access into The Psoriasis Institute. This clinic is unique as it encompasses all aspects of psoriasis management. A specialist psoriasis practitioner is the first point of contact for patients - this process requires no referral, and carries a Medicare rebate for the consultation. To arrange a consultation is as easy as calling reception on 3871 3437 to arrange an appointment time.

Psoriasis is a multisystem disorder associated with inflammation. Most patients have only skin involvement, however psoriasis can also affect the joints, heart and digestive system. Identifying other areas of inflammation, addressing triggers and management via a team approach gives patients the outcomes.

The Psoriasis Institute comprise of a team of Specialists who have an expertise in the management of Psoriasis.

Specialist Dermatologists:

Dr Scott Webber

Dr Shobhan Manoharan

Dr Davin S. Lim

Dr Tania Zappala


Valerie Young


A/Prof Karam Kostner

Specialist Masterclass:

Nigel Harris

Sherene Devlin (candidate)

No. Psoriasis is a life long disorder that needs an individual management plan, including addressing the trigger factors, stress and genetic drive of this condition. The Psoriasis Institute can provide a holistic approach to this condition and in 99% of cases improve your psoriasis via a team approach.

We will find the right treatment for you. That’s our promise.


The Psoriasis Institute is Queensland’s center of excellence for the treatment of all forms of psoriasis. At the Institute we provide a holistic management of psoriasis, incorporating specialist from different aspects of medicine, as well as dietitians. We not only treat psoriasis, but address the triggers, and educate you about how to better deal with this condition. Our active role in research ensures that patients are provided the most up to date treatments available.


Dr Scott Webber - Dermatologist

The Psoriasis Institute

Individualised and often simple topical treatments are an essential part of treating psoriasis. They can benefit almost all patients with psoriasis. It is important that patients and doctors have realistic expectations when using topical psoriasis treatments. More severe forms of psoriasis cannot usually be treated adequately with topical treatments alone but they remain a fundamental part of even the most severe forms of psoriasis.

Absolutely! Unlike other psoriasis clinics, our practitioners are all recognised practitioners by Medicare and Private Health insurance companies. A gap of $25 applies for your first consultation with our Psoriasis Nurse Practitioner.

Specialist Consultant assessment*, if needed can be arranged at The Psoriasis Institute.

Treatments such as the state of the art narrowband phototherapy are all bulk billed.

*Specialist Consultant review are charged at private rates, fees will be advised prior to consultation.

Dietician and nutrition reviews are covered by most health insurance companies, however a gap payment may apply.

You would be surprised at how little effort and cost it takes to treat your psoriasis.

Our waiting times are generally 1-2 weeks to see our psoriasis practitioner, Specialist Dermatologists, dieticians and rheumatologist wait times range from 2- 4 weeks.