Psoriasis Myths & Facts

There are many misconceptions and a lot of misinformation about every medical condition known.  Psoriasis is no different, and we want to help you understand exactly what is is, and what it isn't.

What psoriasis is:

  • Very common. In fact, up to 5% of the population have some form of psoriasis. The severity ranges from mild to severe.
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  • Easily treatable. 95% of psoriasis can be easily treated with a combination of creams, vitamins, and light.
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  • Worsened by triggers. Identifying individual trigger factors can improve your psoriasis. These include diet, stress, medications, and potential irritants and allergies.
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  • Psoriasis is an extremely variable condition, and can present in many ways including scalp scaling, hand rashes, body rashes, nail problems joint and heart disease. Consult The Psoriasis Institute for a diagnosis prior to treatments.

What psoriasis is NOT:

  • Contagious: You cannot just "catch it" nor "give it" to someone else.
  • Curable: Unfortunately, despite promises given by many non-professionals, psoriasis cannot be cured. Identifying triggers and coming up with an individual treatment plan can help the majority of psoriasis patients keep their psoriasis under control.
  • "Just" a skin condition: At The Institute or specialist realise that psoriasis is more than just a rash- it can affect your self-esteem and physical health. We address all these factors to help you manage your overall condition.